Tips for Living With an ADHD Child

by | Aug 28, 2020 | ADHD | 16 comments

If you’re just starting down the path yourself, tape them to your bathroom mirror and remember, you are never alone. 

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When Lee was diagnosed with ADHD at seven years old, I had no idea what to do.  It felt like someone knocked the wind out of me, and I was flat on my butt.  But when I picked myself up to face the challenges that lay ahead, I found a lot of hope on my road of discovery.  Here are some of the tips that helped me cope through the years Lee grew from child to teenager.  If you’re just starting down the path yourself, tape them to your bathroom mirror and remember, you are never alone.  There is always a way to get up off the ground.



Go slow:  Don’t overload.  Bits and pieces.  One thing at a time.

Reflect back:  Your emotional reaction can increase your child’s anxiety.  Step back and listen, then respond.

Don’t compare:  Life with an ADHD child will be anything but typical…don’t compare to other peoples’ lives. 

Praise what your child can do, offer help with what she can’t.  Celebrate the things she did well that day.

Educate others so they understand your child.  Knowledge is power; ignorance fuels judgement. 

Remember?  How many times can you ask your child this question?  Instead, give your child a tip to remember or ask what tip he wants.

No one is perfect:  Mop up the mess or turn it into a game.  Reassure your child that life can get sloppy.  There’s no shame.

Acceptance:  Don’t be afraid to ask a teacher for changes.  Help them see your child’s brain is wired in a different way.

Go with the flow:  Life is a rollercoaster.  You will be caught off guard more times than not.  Enjoy the ride.

Take care of yourself.  Now that you’re armed with some tips to get through the day, take a deep breath, and look in the mirror. Put yourself first, even if it’s just for these few moments.  Close your eyes and think of something that brings a smile to your face.  Take this thought with you throughout your day.  You’ve got this!




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