I’m thrilled to have an article in the Jan/Feb issue of L.A. Parent! What an honor to write an article for a magazine that I turned to so many times in my own parenting journey. When my child was diagnosed with mental health challenges, I wished I’d had a guide or tips to help me with the questions that burned in my mind.

Where do I start? Will other people judge me? Why do I compare my child to neurotypical children? How do I handle my emotions when my child’s behavior feels out-of-control? How do I get out of a negative rut?

These questions and more kept me tossing and turning at night years ago, wishing for more support. So, I wrote this article to answer them, hoping that parents today could use any tips that resonate and find encouragement. Parenting a neurodiverse child takes enormous courage, and seeking help is the best way to start out on your journey.