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Any Way I Can; 50 years in Show Business is one of those great biographies that you simply can’t put down. John Gay and his daughter Jennifer Gay Summers put together an incredible story of the famous writer’s life and career and made it something simple to read but never boring.

—Tommy Garrett, Editor in Chief — Canyon News

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Any Way I Can: 50 Years in Show Business

Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business presents the legendary life of veteran screenwriter John Gay, one of Hollywood’s most prolific treasures.

From an original comedy sketch that launched the broke, fledging actor and his new bride onto WOR-TV’s first day on the air in 1949, to the glory of writing for the Golden Age of Television, John Gay’s memoir details his breathtaking trajectory into Oscar-nominated feature films, award-winning Emmy television shows, and the ultimate triumph for lifetime achievement.

Whether he was adapting Charles Dickens for the small screen, writing a docudrama without landing in jail, or sitting alongside Prince Rainier in Monaco at a performance of his one-man play, John lived show business any way he could and had an exciting run for fifty remarkable years.

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I grew up with Jennifer Gay Summers. We, in fact, lived right down the street from one another and so her house or mine became a kind of refuge for the other. I remember countless Saturday mornings sitting in our pajamas in their bright breakfast room surrounded by a wall of black and white photos of her parents as young actors when they were just starting out at the Boothbay Playhouse in Maine.

When Jennifer told me she was working on a book with her dad about his years in show business, I was thrilled for her. I recall some of our conversations at the time- her good days of collaborations, the not so great ones, the frustrations of bringing any story to life and then the joy of receiving their final product, this gem, signed by them both.

Any Way I Can; Fifty Years in Show Business is a fascinating timeline told with humor and candor about the struggles and highlights of enduring the business and working with some of the greats–Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bette Davis to name just a few.

John Gay hit a trifecta. A great husband, dad and writer. How fortunate we are to have his engrossing life so beautifully documented. A must for anyone starting out in the business and a walk down memory lane for many others.

Anne Serling

(Author of As I Knew Him; My Dad, Rod Serling)

An interview with the authors

The Palisades Post interviewed John and Jennifer about their writing process

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John and Bobbie Gay on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Mystery,” 1949.



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