Jennifer Gay Summers

L ong before I became an ADHD parenting advocate, mommy blogger, or inspirational speaker, I was a little girl, daughter to a successful screenwriter, John Gay, and his actress wife, Bobbie. I revered my father, sneaking down the street to write too, hiding under a giant butterfly bush and locking the words away in my red leather diary with a gold key.

It would be many years later that I would unlock those words.

After a career as a high school and adult school English teacher. I became a contributing news writer for Whole Life Times, and essay writer for anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul, also co-writing my dad’s memoir, Any Way I Can.

When my husband and I welcomed a fiery, red-headed baby, Lee, into our lives, I found my true passion and my words came alive.

Early on, I knew my child had mental health challenges, and I needed support. Lee’s ADHD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and other learning disabilities would force me to let go of any traditional ideas of parenthood. I reached out through my writing, starting with magazines like Adoptive Families and Orange County Family, hoping to connect with other parents.

Then, I started a blog for ADDitude magazine, and everything fell into place. My ongoing blog, “Mom’s the Word,” ran for a decade, as I shared the ups and downs of my daily life, raising a child with ADHD. I loved relating to parents and grandparents all over the country who were also looking for ways to empower their neurodivergent children.

From there, my writing has expanded to include an upcoming memoir, a recent article on facing a diagnosis for L.A. Parent, an essay about mother-daughter relationships in Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, and an excerpt from my upcoming memoir in Mom Egg Review.

If you’re struggling with a neurodivergent child, I’m excited to share with you what I’ve gained from two decades of ADHD education, parenting strategies, releasing expectations, and sensory coping tips. There’s a podcast with the amazing Impact Parents coach, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, on my Media page and a new bi-monthly newsletter to subscribe to!

You’re not alone. There is hope through education and so many possibilities for support!


Jennifer Gay Summers writes stories that engage the head and the heart. Her storytelling abilities are exceptional, blending telling details with a strong narrative that keeps me reading to the end. She is a talent.

— Wayne Kalyn, Editor, ADDitude


“Jennifer knows just how to get to the heart of a story, while still keeping it succinct and focused. She can move you to tears or move you to pick up the phone and take action about something you didn’t even know was important to you.”

~ Abigail Lewis, Editor, Whole Life Times



“Any Way I Can; 50 years in Show Business” is one of those great biographies that you simply can’t put down. John Gay and his daughter Jennifer Gay Summers put together an incredible story of the famous writer’s life and career and made it something simple to read but never boring.”

Tommy Garrett, Editor in Chief Canyon News




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