My Blog Makes an Appearance on Trauma Informed Classroom

by | Sep 16, 2022 | ADHD, ADHD Education | 0 comments

Thrilled to see one of my blogs posted on Roger Flowers’s website, Trauma Informed Classroom. His mission, that students deserve a flourishing, safe, and consistent classroom, free of triggers, is so important for students, especially the ones suffering from mental disabilities.

My blog, “When ADHD and Sports Don’t Mix,” takes place outside of the classroom where I try to find the right sport for my child, creating all kinds of trauma for both of us along the way. I finally give up, only to discover the perfect activity was there from the beginning.



Mothers Come First

Mothers Come First

I’m so excited to have an excerpt from my memoir published this month in MER, Mom Egg Review, the Ages/Stages MER Online Folio! This is a wonderful literary journal about motherhood and all its complexities. In my essay, “Mothers Come First,” I face both the fears and...

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