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Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business is now Available in an Ebook, Get it now on 

Jennifer Gay Summers writes stories that engage the head and the heart. Her storytelling abilities are exceptional, blending telling details with a strong narrative that keeps me reading to the end. She is a talent.

— Wayne Kalyn, Editor, ADDitude


“Jennifer knows just how to get to the heart of a story, while still keeping it succinct and focused. She can move you to tears or move you to pick up the phone and take action about something you didn’t even know was important to you.”

~ Abigail Lewis, Editor, Whole Life Times



“Any Way I Can; 50 years in Show Business” is one of those great biographies that you simply can’t put down. John Gay and his daughter Jennifer Gay Summers put together an incredible story of the famous writer’s life and career and made it something simple to read but never boring.”

Tommy Garrett, Editor in Chief Canyon News


I grew up in Pacific Palisades, California, daughter to a successful screenwriter, John Gay, and his actress wife, Bobbie.  Our house was filled with stories from Hollywood sets and the sound of Broadway music.  I revered my father, sneaking down the street to write too, hiding under a giant butterfly bush and locking the words away in my red leather diary with a gold key.  It would be years before I took the journey to unlock my words. 

Instead, the acting bug bit me, and I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, followed by a career performing on stage and in television, under my maiden name, Jennifer Gay. At 28, I sought more stability in my life and chose to pursue a teaching career.  I received my undergraduate degree at UCLA, then my teaching credential in English at UCSB. 

I went on to teach English and theater in public high schools, winding up in adult school with high school students at risk.  Little did I know, at the time, how much this would help me when I became a mother.

After 13 years of teaching English, my desire to write was rekindled.  I took an internship at Whole Life Times where I became a regular news contributor. My husband and I welcomed a lively red-headed daughter into our livesand my writing morphed into personal essays and stories about our child and pets.

During this time, I had the great honor of helping my father write his memoir, Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business. My work has also been published in national anthologies and magazines, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Conscious Women, Conscious Mothers, and Adoptive Families magazine.  I have been a regular blogger for ADDitude magazine for the last seven years, writing about the gifts and challenges of raising a child with ADHD.

Any Way I Can: 50 Years in Show Business

Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business presents the legendary life of veteran screenwriter John Gay, one of Hollywood’s most prolific treasures.

From an original comedy sketch that launched the broke, fledging actor and his new bride onto WOR-TV’s first day on the air in 1949, to the glory of writing for the Golden Age of Television, John Gay’s memoir details his breathtaking trajectory into Oscar-nominated feature films, award-winning Emmy television shows, and the ultimate triumph for lifetime achievement.



The CHADD Conference, a Lifeline!

The CHADD Conference, a Lifeline!

The Annual International Conference on ADHD, sponsored by CHADD, takes place this month, from November 17th-19th in Dallas, Texas. If you or someone you know is affected by ADHD, this is the place to find resources, support, and community. In this month’s blog, I...

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Turning Judgement into Support

Turning Judgement into Support

Recently, ADDitude magazine posted on social media one of my blogs: In the comments, there were angry responses from people saying they’d have walked out on the conversation I had with a friend regarding my daughter’s anxiety. Here’s my response in a blog as to why anger doesn’t work for me, including five steps on how to handle other people’s judgement:

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I was excited to have been a featured guest on “Making Monday Count"

on Instagram live @BuildingBlocksParenting, October 12th, at 5:00 p.m. PT.  you can watch it right here ⇓

"Any Way You Can; 50 Years in Show Business"

I am thrilled to announce that “Any Way I Can; 50 Years in Show Business” is now available as an e-book! 

New Blog in ADDitude this month!

This blog takes you to the challenges of Mommy and Me class and a teacher who gave me the gift of hope

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